Seims, Meyers, Rhodes, Giesenhagens, Gadburys and many more came to the United States from Europe in the late 1800's seeking adventure, land, and a place to raise their families. 

This website is a celebration of their past, present and future.

We have upgraded the site with some new features that you may recognize. We are also adding photos from several collections. Look at the bottom of a person's bio to see if there is any media attached.

About this Site

Dan SeimThe idea of better communications and connections among family members probably goes back to a time before computers and emails.  I remember birthday parties, summer trips to Nebraska, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter gatherings with uncles, aunts and cousins and much more.

There were Round Robin Letters, birthday cards and phone calls to keep up to date on family members.  Our family was large and that meant lots of cousins with whom I could have fun.  There were photo albums and exchanges so we could appreciate how we looked and aged. 

More recently, the computer has made communicating faster and easier.  First, we invited family members to write notes share happenings in their lives and families.  The letters were connected and a newsletter evolved.  As sending photos became easier, they were included and the newsletter became more visual. 

Next, the computer simplified the organization of family members into a geneaology collection.  Some in the family had begun collecting this information in family Bibles and lists.  Thanks to Eileen English, Loraine Seim, Pat Meyer and others for sharing their early records.  Computerizing the records made sharing them easier.  The collection grew as families extended out.  The Rhode family was added thanks to Virgil Hein and his historical collection.  Lenora Kasworm shared her records of the Giesenhagen family.  Descendants of D. C. Meyer in Kansas were added with thanks to members of the Ohlde family. 

The entire collection now numbers nearly 4000 people.  There is a growing collection of photos, histories, and other media accessible to family members.  Those who wish to help with adding more information are invited to register as users.  The collection will continue to grow as the extended family grows.

My personal goal was to be able to help my children have a place they could look to learn more of their heritage.  I hope others might see it as a similar resource for their family.

God bless us, everyone!

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